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Review Ultius Com

Review Ultius Com

The content of the scientific works does not correspond to the high price. They contain plagiarism and numerous errors of various kinds. Be prepared to edit the submitted article, as your professor can return it with numerous comments and corrections if you submit the assignment as it is..

The justification for the “low season” is a bit futile because even in the low season there are usually more than two orders a day. At the moment, it bothers me a little that young writers are not even given a chance to prove themselves. I read a lot of positives about working at Ultius from writers, but these writers have worked for the company as freelance writers for at least six months. Paying for the work that writers do is certainly fair. An hourly wage would be even better, but payment is by no means a problem for me. In my experience, the editors, interviewers, and administrative support team are honest and respectful. This job is a great addition to your resume if you have just graduated from college and need more professional writing experience..

Ultius Com Review: Is it worth the money?

Ultius engages its clients with a flowery and seemingly true way of positioning itself without making unreasonably guaranteed promises. To my disappointment, this service did not meet my expectations and, despite its outstanding and quite honest profile, turned out to be a common low quality service. It was a very simple kind of work that was definitely not written by anyone with a master or Ph.D. We can even say that the dissertation was not written by someone who speaks English at the local speaker level. One of the biggest problems was that the article also contained plagiarism, although they clearly guarantee that they will offer academic articles without plagiarism. We were disappointed and had to pay the full price with no discount..

« Rep support »

We have deliberately chosen a rather banal topic – a well-reasoned essay on the impact of social media on family relationships. We really thought this would make the writer shine. Unfortunately, the article was full of inaccuracies and generalizations. Our author was also unable to use the source we provided specifically for them. This lack of care and attention greatly affected our Ultius rankings…

Well, I still can not answer, is this a legitimate service or a scam? for Ultius’s reputation is pure, but this may not be true. They do not have a real address and had to hire actors for their videos. New contributors should be allowed access to at least half of the independent queue. There are many more than two messages available, but they simply do not allow new contributors to access everything from the beginning. Good luck with that based on one or two available orders.


In general, there is no variety of topics in the commissions for young writers. It will take a lot of patience to get started, and not all writers are patient because they just want to start writing….

We are fortunate to have been appointed as a writer, but there are many evaluations that claim the opposite. To order letters here, you must be a wealthy person. Fortunately, Ultius discounts are available on our website so you do not have to ask their support agents about this..

We have never tried this before with any other company. The content was of high quality, but it was not easy to read through endless grammatical errors. As such, we are not sure if we should trust Ultius or not. They say they only hire American writers for qualified content, but our newspaper was not considered professional. Second, there are many writers out there who are poor at communicating and working with your needs, so keep this in mind…

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